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About Us

Trade Impact Academy learnings are centered on the how...


How can we create a better world? A more sustainable world?

How can we each support positive impact?

Our methodology

  • We are stronger together. We utilize collaborative learning methods as a powerful tool. Our curriculum encourages each team member to actively participate and listen to one another.

  • We believe in quality over quantity. With the amount of content thrown at us daily, we designed our learnings to have the most impact in a short amount of time. 

  • Our interdisciplinary curriculum is centered on a mindset for learning and innovation to bring about widespread global progress.

  • Actionable tools. Our focus is on providing practical tools your team can immediately apply at work and at home.


Our philosophy

  • At its core, our curriculum is rooted in the philosophy and interdisciplinary research put forth by the Trade Impact Foundation, and the shared vision of market-driven progress.

  • What is market-driven progress? The notion that a more sustainable future is possible where the individual, seeking to balance their own interests with the interests of the global community, can factor in positive and negative human rights impact behind marketplace decisions. Learn more about the opportunity for market-driven progress here.

Meet the Founder

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Sara P. Schoenfeld


Sara is a human rights activist, attorney, and international business expert with years of experience advising top US and foreign multinational corporations.


Sara leads the nonprofit The Trade Impact Foundation, where she combines her deep passion for human rights with her practical business knowledge to conduct interdisciplinary research in support of global human rights progress through a market-driven approach. 

Sara is an experienced speaker on topics of international trade law, human rights and issues related to sustainability, a skill she utilizes weekly as the host of our podcast, Unlocking Impact. In the episodes Sara explores the power of the marketplace and chats with experts about important topics at the intersection of the global economy, sustainability and human rights.

Above all, Sara is a human rights advocate, committed to leveraging her experience and knowledge to empower market-driven progress and drive positive impact throughout the global community. 

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