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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Trade Impact Academy learnings? Our learning products inspire and empower you and your team to drive positive impact in support of a more connected, sustainable world. Our approach is rooted in our mission to support market-driven progress. Learn more about our philosophy of market-driven progress here.

What are the workshops? Interactive, self-paced and thought-provoking learning experiences around purpose, sustainability, and business impact.

How does it work? Our workshops incorporate a live lecture, on-demand modules, group sessions, unique worksheets and other materials to bring important concepts into your life. Our students leave the experience with a methodology they can immediately apply in their personal and professional lives.

Who gives the workshops? Sara Schoenfeld, Founder of Trade Impact Academy is featured in the on-demand modules and live lectures. Sara is the Executive Director of The Trade Impact Foundation, and is a human rights advocate, attorney, and international business expert.

How can I enroll? Workshops for individuals are available for purchase from our website! Choose from one of our upcoming cohorts. For teams - contact us to start planning your next great learning today! We look forward to hearing from you at

How can I stay informed about upcoming cohorts and other updates? Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Linkedin to be the first to hear about community updates!

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